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Contact Data set: ESR (Eco-systèmes and Récylum) (en) en
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Short name ESR (Eco-systèmes and Récylum)
Name ESR (Eco-systèmes and Récylum)
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  • ILCD: Organisations / Private companies
Contact Address Studies and Development Department
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Contact description or comment ESR (Eco-systèmes and Récylum) is a not-for-profit organisation accredited by the French Authorities. ESR gathers both Eco-systèmes and Récylum activities. In accordance with French and European regulations, ESR carries out a mission of public interest, i.e. the deployment throughout France of a system for collection, depollution and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Eco-systèmes coordinates the collection, depollution and recycling of household WEEE while Récylum coordinates the collection, depollution and recycling of lamps, professional WEEE and small fire extinguishers. Some more details are provided on Eco-systèmes and Récylum websites:
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